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Research in my lab focuses on the taxonomy, ecology, and evolution of diverse insect groups, including Gall midges, gall wasps, parasitic wasps, aquatic insects, beetles and ants. I am particularly interested in various aspects of insect-plant interactions in gall-inducing groups and in the use of insects for the biological control of invasive weeds. I employ morphological, molecular, behavioral and ecological tools to discover new taxa, reconstruct their phylogeny, and infer evolutionary trends among them. I study factors that promote speciation and shape host-associations in herbivorous insects by combining fieldwork with laboratory and greenhouse experiments, and conduct field surveys to promote the knowledge on the Israeli insect fauna.

Group photo 18 April 2021.jpg

Netta Dorchin

School of Zoology

The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

The George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv 6997801


Natural History Museum, room 306

Phone: 972-3-6407159

Fax: 972-3-6409403


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